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Water Store

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Main features:
  • inherent design originality is realized 
  • Nordic simple design of solar posture interpretation. The smooth lines create a unique sense of movement and youth; as the name implies, the arc-shaped metal body, which is as dazzling as the sun, is your bright light in the eye clinic.
  • TFT high definition screen brightness
  • No matter night light, optical fiber, 1.28 inch high-definition screen brightness, rich colors and exquisite, real and vivid photos. Or in the evening, both can be swiped in bright light, clear and visible.
  • Innovative nano silica wrist strap
  • Breathable and comfortable, no need for long and soft silica g e l wristband, through the innovative nano light wave polarization treatment, even if sweat can maintain a comfortable wearing experience, it is also comfortable and breathable, and with adjustable perforation design, it can be different wrist, long time without charging.
  • Cooling metal block
  • Solid and light, improve the overall texture and hardness, integrated circular mirror, crystal clear, smooth feel. High gloss electroplating body, durable and wear-resistant.
  • Up to 12 optional sports modes, the power consumption in the process of sports will not be interfered, no fear of sweat dripping or splashing, and enjoy the ideal life sports.
  • Sports mode: outdoor running, hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, rotation, yoga, indoor running, boating, gymnastics, basketball, football, free training
  • There are 12 professional sports modes, which make the sports more efficient and safer for the blind; 12 professional sports switches are opened, you can choose the right scientific sports time and intensity according to your own needs. When the real-time motion data of the wrist is mentioned, the whole motion state is controlled, so the movement is twice the result with half the effort.
  • High performance lithium battery, long service life. When the heartbeat of the biological1 clock is on, a charge can last for 30 days, and you can have 15 days. Explore a better world when there is a wise reminder that there is not enough power but that there is no longer any interference from it!
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Daily waterproof is impeccable. Watch based on IP68 waterproof grade standard can effectively prevent sweat or rain from splashing out in daily water demand, which brings you more convenience.
  • Note: please. Before starting work, the water stains will dry out to extend the service life of the watch.
  • The high-precision motion sensor pedometer is also a distance meter, which is used1 to track your step, monitor the high-precision motion sensor, continuously optimize the positioning algorithm, intelligent signal failure, accurately record1 your behavior steps, distance and calorie activity consumption in real time.
  • Based on scientific big data sleep management, in-depth analysis can help you sleep properly.
  • Based on the improvement of big data, we have developed a more scientific sleep management system. When the sensor is in contact with the wrist, you can learn to sleep through the body movement frequency. Using this application, you can record1 the sleep time and sleep quality in detail, help you understand the sleep details more intuitively, and form a healthy sleep habit.
  • *The test data and results are only for reference, not for diagnosis and treatment.            
  • Continuous heart rate monitor throughout the day, always pay attention to heart health.
  • Built in optical sensor heart rate, equipped with mainstream intelligent algorithm of heart rate, and then subtle changes can be accurately felt. Monitor your heart rate continuously for 24 hours to help you understand your heart, heart problems that may occur at any time, exercise time and heart rate determined according to the amount of exercise.
  • Intelligent application "haylou fit" real-time synchronization.
  • Every time you change the record1 after the last generation of big data optimization and application development, you can improve the user experience. At the same time, the "haylou fit" application can record1 your heart rate, digital steps, sleep and other details more accurately, at a glance, and witness the minute changes every moment.
  • Some features require a watch with the "haylou fit" application.
  • Personalized weather reminds you to love men
  • Phone calls and messages remind you of everything, never miss important messages; sedentary target performance reminders can help you activate better physical condition; intimate silent vibration alarm will not disturb others.
  1. Screen: TFT
  2. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  3. Screen size: 1.28 inches
  4. Waterproof / waterproof: Yes
  5. IP grade: IP68
  6. Battery
  7. Battery capacity: 340 Mah
  8. Material: silica g e l
  9. Sleeve material: Alloy
  10. Dial shape: round
  11. Dial size: diameter 45.3mm
  12. Band Size: 264x22mm


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Principales caractéristiques

  1. Screen: TFT
  2. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  3. Screen size: 1.28 inches
  4. Waterproof / waterproof: Yes
  5. IP grade: IP68
  6. Battery
  7. Battery capacity: 340 Mah
  8. Material: silica g e l
  9. Sleeve material: Alloy
  10. Dial shape: round
  11. Dial size: diameter 45.3mm
  12. Band Size: 264x22mm

Vendu avec le produit

  • 1 x smart watch
  • 1 x charging cable
  • 1 x English user manual

Descriptif technique

  • Couleur: black
  • Matériau principal: N/A
  • Modèle: Solar Ls05
  • Pays de production: China
  • Gamme de produits: Water
  • Poids (kg): 0.25

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Écran défectueux très rapidement

Déçu, écran défectueux très rapidement, image floue et dédoublée...

07-06-2021par Aziz
Achat vérifié
Haylou xiaomi Ls05 Band Solar  Fashion Intelligent Watch

Haylou xiaomi Ls05 Band Solar Fashion Intelligent Watch

199.00 Dhs
378.00 Dhs47%
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