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Notes :
Because photography and image processing are not very good, the color will be a little bit off, and the picture may look a little dirty. But the quality of the product itself will not be a problem.

You can see that when the wallet case is bent to 90 degrees, it will not be shaped.
Ideal for use at work, at home or out and about, the Rotating Leather-Style Universal Phone Case features a professional leather-style finish that makes it the perfect case for any situation. The premium design of the case compliments the aesthetics of your phone perfectly, thanks to the stitch finishing and luxurious interior, which keep your phone safe, secure and looking fantastic.
Made from a lightweight and durable material, The Universal Case is slim and strong, with protective corners that stretch to hold the phones securely. This tough case helps protect your phone from day to day bumps and scrapes, keeping it looking as good as new.
The Universal Stand Case features an adhesive gel pad, that provides a secure hold without leaving behind any unwanted sticky residue. To apply, simply press your phone down on the adhesive gel pad and your done, it really is that quick and simple to fit. The grip is incredibly strong so you can forget about the phone falling out of the case. Once placed firmly into place it isn‘t going anywhere unless you really want it to.
This case not only provides great protection, it also performs the duties of a convenient viewing stand. It can fold into a comfortable viewing angle - in portrait or landscape. This is thanks to an ingenious rotating stud which allows your phone to swivel in 360 degrees. So whether you‘re settling down to watch a film, typing some emails or simply using it as a desk stand to view incoming alerts in the office or at home, this case has it all covered.
This brilliant rotating system also allows photos to be taken while in the case, no matter what phone you may have or where the camera is located. Simply swivel the phone to the desired orientation so the camera is not obscured and snap away - no need to compromise on protection so you can document your life.
Well, the bonuses just keep coming. If you thought this case had enough going for it already, wait! It also has 2 internal storage pockets for your most vital credit or identification cards so you can leave the wallet at home too.
As this case is not designed for one phone in particular, but many, it means your next phone may fit this one too. This makes this case extra versatile, not only now, but in the near future too.

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Principales caractéristiques

  • Durable and strong
  • Lightweight and ultra slim
  • Sophisticated leather style aesthetic
  • Universal protection for your phones
  • Adhesive gel pad to keep your phone secure
  • Ingenious rotating media viewing stand
  • Slots for credit cards
  • Universal for extra versatility

Vendu avec le produit

1 X Infinix HOT S3X 6.2 inch Case



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Ce produit n'a pas encore d'évaluation.

Coque Pour Infinix HOT S3X  6.2 inch (Red)

Coque Pour Infinix HOT S3X 6.2 inch (Red)

164.00 Dhs
220.00 Dhs25%
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