Fashion JACK CORDEE Men's Sports Tights PRO Splice Color Long Sleeved T-shirt Casual Running Training Tops

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Attention‎:‎ Please note that you should place your order in US size‎,‎ however the tags inside the items will show
in Asian size‎.‎


Fabric Material‎:‎ 100% Polyester
Closure Type‎:‎ Standard
Collar‎:‎ O‎-Neck
Fit Type‎:‎ Slim Fit
Decoration‎:‎ Camouflage
Thickness‎:‎ Standard
Color‎:‎ #01‎,‎ #02‎,‎ #03‎,‎ #04‎,‎ #05‎,‎#06
Occasion‎:‎ Close‎-fitting wear‎,‎ mountain climbing‎,‎ outdoor sports‎,‎ ride a bike‎,‎ play a ball game‎.‎
Fit For‎:‎ Auto Racing‎,‎Baseball&Softball‎,‎Basketball‎,‎Bowling‎,‎Hiking‎,‎Cycling‎,‎Fitness&Yoga‎,‎
Football‎,‎Golf‎,‎ Gymnastics‎,‎Running‎,‎Soccer etc‎.‎ for all exercise‎.‎
Season‎:‎ Spring‎,‎ Fall‎,‎ Winter
Tag Size‎:‎ S‎,‎ M‎,‎ L‎,‎ XL‎,‎ 2XL‎,‎ 3XL‎,‎ 4XL
US Size‎:‎ S‎,‎ M‎,‎ L‎,‎ XL‎,‎ 2XL‎,‎ 3XL‎,‎ 4XL
Weight‎:‎ 0.2KG

Package includes‎:‎

More details‎:‎

Disclaimer ‎:‎
About Size‎:‎Size may be 3cm/1.5 inch inaccuracy due to hand measure‎.‎These measurements are meant as a
guide to help you select the correct size‎.‎ Please take your own measurements and choose your size
accordingly‎.‎we cannot accept responsibility for incorrect purchases‎.‎

About Color‎:‎The precise color of the clothing items may vary depending on the specific monitor‎,‎the settings
and the lighting conditions‎.‎The items colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and practical
  • Top Sales Item
  • Type‎:‎Medium
  • New and high quality
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Suitable for picture‎,‎ photo ‎,‎cross stitch frame
مواصفات JACK CORDEE Men's Sports Tights PRO Splice Color Long Sleeved T-shirt Casual Running Training Tops
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