Fashion Delicate Male Wedding Titanium Steel Ring Black & Red

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Material‎:‎ Titanium Steel 
Shape‎:‎ Rectangle Shaped 
Ring type‎:‎ Wedding Band
Occasion‎:‎ Prom
Setting‎:‎ No
Decoration Color‎:‎ Black & red
Decoration Size‎:‎ 1.7 cm * 0.4 cm
Ring size‎:‎ US 10/7/8/9
Inner Circumference Inner Diameter of Ring
10 62.1mm/2.44‎'‎ 19.8mm/0.78‎'‎
7 54.4mm/2.14‎'‎ 17.3mm/0.68‎'‎
8 57mm/2.24 ‎'‎ 18.1mm/0.71‎'‎
9 59.5mm/2.34‎'‎ 18.9mm/0.7
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  Love is passing a cup of tea to teachers during the break‎.‎
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  Love is a kind of subtle and precious sensation among human beings‎.‎
  Love is all‎!‎
  1. Classic ring for everyday wear or that super special occasion‎.‎ 
  2. Exquisite romantic design can provide a unique and fresh temperament‎.‎ 
  3. A perfect accessory
  4. Make you outstanding
  5. Show your nice personal taste
  6. Great to match any fashion style
  7. Safe and Comfortable‎,‎ provide you the most charming look‎.‎
  8. A nice gift for boyfriend or Husband
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1 x  Ring
مواصفات Delicate Male Wedding Titanium Steel Ring Black & Red
Tailles ‎(‎L x l x h cm‎)‎
10x 10 x 2
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